About us

C.G.M. was founded in 1953 thanks to the passion and expertise of Pompeo Castellucci, who at the time was managing the mechanical engineering department of Milan’s major automobile manufacturer. Today, the company is managed by his children, Sergio and Roberta, who inherited Pompeo’s mission: manufacturing the highest-quality product, always in full compliance with security and environmental regulations, to achieve maximum client satisfaction. Over the years, the company has pursued the objective of keeping up-to-date with technological innovation, and has managed to successfully place itself in the broader European market.

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The pursue of Quality, understood as the ability to develop products and services that fully satisfy all the parties involved, is a fundamental objective and integral part of our work.
Our Quality management system is ISO 9001 compliant and certified since 2004, and follows a process approach. The monitoring process, adapted to the context of constant technological and regulatory innovation in which C.G.M. operates, guarantee the correct and effective management of our business processes for continuous improvement.

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